Authenticity Rules. Show The World Who You Really Are.

Social Intercourse, Know When To Stop Yourself.

Social intercourse. Sounds silly BUT, don’t get caught with a gift that keeps giving. Protect yourself, OR abstain entirely from posting that office party lap dance you decided to treat a colleague to.

Be social, have fun and be YOU but keep in mind that libations, angular moods and feeling the need to correct the masses can be fodder for really trashy bad manners online.

Best practice, if you’re about to post something that made you pause for even 1 second, consider it a gift and rewind yourself to a more appropriate place. Keep your online socializing positive, you’ll love yourself even more for it.

Show The Love, Let People Know They Matter One Word At A Time.

What is a real conversation anyhow? What’s really sexy is letting someone know they matter. We’re conditioned to multi task and even the best ‘I can’t multitask’ (ers) aren’t even aware they’re doing it. Our gadgets are evil, they’re dangling polychat carrots before our very eyes over and over and over again. Emails and texts and bbms and whatever have us splitting and spreading ourselves all around, all at once. It’s nuts! Ten chats happening in tandem. WHY? No parts equal either, if only these poor souls knew that the hahahas and LOLs were quiet hopeful go aways…

Take the next exit – get off the conversation highway, recharge and show the love one word, one person at a time.

Take Risks. Be Real. Unique Is The Only Way To Be.

Do what you’re afraid to do and have been afraid to do. Easier said for sure but this doesn’t mean jumping into a well filled with snakes. There’s a bit more levity to this statement than you may think. Take risks if you aren’t already however big or small they may be. Their size and level of success are measured subjectively by you and only you. Don’t worry about what others ‘may’ think about your hows, wheres and whats. Carve your path and invite others to follow it.

We often take too much time thinking and rethinking. Packaging and repackaging. Organizing and reorganizing. We’re hoarders of obsessive thought and fear. Trust who you are and what you project.

In business, shout your uniqueness and what sets you apart from others loudly. Encourage people to be part of your tribe. Get to know who your nemesis is and connect with them on some level. Care about how your business makes people feel. Do your best to create positive experiences over and over again. There isn’t a one size fits all model nor can everyone be pleased all the time and that is A-OK. Priority one is to be real. Be YOU.


How often do we actually think about what we're conveying and how? Whether personal or in business, being authentic really is the only way to be if you plan on creating and sustaining any sort of viable relationship. From a business perspective, being authentic exposes a quality which can positively set you way above your competitors. Coming across as being contrived or disingenuous isn't attractive.

Consumers (more and more) are judging a company's offerings based on authenticity rather than price and availability.

Here's a recent example of my client Dimensions Custom Framing & Gallery using a marketing tactic which really drove home their level of authenticity as a business. Click HERE and take a look at this brief article put out by titled 'Marketing Your Authentic Self'.

Watch what others do not because you want to lift and copy BUT to create and adopt new ways to stand out.


Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Authentic.