Authenticity Rules. Show The World Who You Really Are.



Ok, who REALLY TRULY enjoys hanging out on social media knowing that their business needs aren't being met? Milestones are missed, or pushed even further down the line...Online marketing can make or break your business, truly. Despite what people say (do I really need FACEBOOK for my biz? what's the point of TWITTER, I don't get IT! LINKEDIN? What is that anyhow?) I hear it all. And YES, you do need these 'things' (and more) or you'll miss out! Period! 

All that being said, YOU need to run your day-to-day. I'm here to help, take YOUR ball and run with it using YOUR voice in the online space specific to your industry/market. 

Send me a note, let me know what you need (and if you don't know exactly, that's ok too, let's discuss!!) 

I look forward to chatting, 



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It's 2018 and with a new year in tow, all of the resolutions, must dos and the litany of morning mantras abound. Until...we find ourselves AGAIN in the 'wow where has time gone it's already summer' (re)cycled thought loop. 

YOUR business matters and so it should. Between the work/life circus juggling act and trying to feel/look/be positive, things can slip and often do. We all know how important marketing is in business as far as retaining the status quo whilst GROWING and reaching new blood.

However, who has the time to get online and 'socialize' - post/manage/engage/share/like/follow/refollow/retweet/comment/blahblahblah...(insert hair pulling imagery, you get the point). Business goals should be set wheels up and in forward motion, whatever your business offerings happen to be. That's why companies like Hogpie exist, we take the burden off of you and manage all of the necessary online communication to keep the conversation going. Reach your target audience and give them an ear to listen with, as well as offer every opportunity to express how they feel about your products and services. 

Contact us, we can MANAGE your online marketing communications while you rightfully conduct your day to day.


I look forward to hearing from you.


What the F is the point.

If you're anything like me, you often ask yourself what the F you 'do' exactly. We're busy as hell, we churn the daily wheel of life that makes us money, keeps us connected and a whole whack of other stuff but what is our purpose exactly and what are we DOING?!??! Does anyone know? Yes, WE do. We're too pre-occupied making sure that our nifty devices keep us connected, allowing us to stay on top of our voyeuristic digital posses but we're missing the connection within our own selves and truly understanding why we feel the way we do, when we do. We're not paying enough attention to 'ourselves' and not simply in the physical sense but emotionally. 

Let's not lose site of the people we really are. Selfies are 80% false advertising, words matter most, straight from our core. Devices are transit systems, use them wisely. 


If you're one of the ones who's ready to flip the old one to 2016 and welcome 2017 with a force as great as a Star Wars quote, be prepared to own who you are. Own it. All of it. You'll be shocked at the amazing things that can happen once you accept acceptance, and all of the great things that come along with it. 

The Art Of Wasting Time With Digital Communication

Say what feels right, no matter what the circumstance is. Remember, authenticity rocks. We’ve gotten used to the pause ‘n’ play way of interacting, online. We type, then stop, then backspace, delete and reword ad nauseum. How will what I’m trying to say be ‘heard’ once it comes across? Well it’ll never be heard just right unless your voice is attached. Too much time is WASTED editing, re-editing, worrying.

My point? Not really sure except that it may be time to re-evaluate where your time is actually spent when you’re communicating. Don’t worry so much about all the different ways to say one thing. Just state it, done. If you feel it may get misinterpreted, pick up the phone and let the other side hear your voice.